We know that when you’re selling creative ideas, services and products, image is everything. That’s why we provide our business owners with in-house graphics support through Kaeser & Blair’s Art Department. Our skilled graphic artist are experts at everything from logo clean up to promotional product layout and design. While many competitors and factories also have art departments, Kaeser & Blair’s Art Department allows you to keep control over the quality and cost of graphic support. All graphic support services are provided at a flat competitive rate and proofs and reproductions are provided at no additional charge.

So when your client says "All I have is this JPG image", don't worry - we can make it ready for imprinting. Our flat fee schedule has tons of easy options that are done for free. Simple art that needs to be recreated is way below standard pricing you'll get from may graphic artist. Minimum is $10.00 for one color logo. Plus, once we do the initial art, any subsequent changes are done for free. 

While there's services out there that offer art services, a one time free is better than charging your client over and over again when they want to do a new product. Plus, you never know what some outside vendor might do with your clients logo. They may just pick up the phone and cut you out of the process. 

Our philosophy- Make it simple to offer promotional products and branded apparel. With our system, it's as easy as it can get! 



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