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Exclusive Promotional Product Training I offer when you sign up with Kaeser & Blair through me, to be on the Promoz Team ~ Cyndi Stout #99362

You'll get some basic information on our FABULOUS Credit Department @ Kaeser & Blair. But nothing like how to use it so you gain more business and loose less from mistakes or unknowns

If you're already in the Promotional Product Business, ask yourself if you could eliminate almost all things credit; credit cards, invoicing both- client and supplier, for free, would you? This video could make you rethink things!

If you're already with Kaeser & Blair- I hope this will make your business more successful! 

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Are you getting David Blaise Training for FREE? You could be!

We partnered with our good friends at Top Secrets to bring you are brand-new, proprietary online training system. . It is truly an online education resource containing are tested, proven, industry –  specific information and advice on how to increase sales, improve profit margins and Grow Your Promo Biz.  

In addition to providing you with complete digital access to our training materials from any computer in the world, we will also provide cutting-edge content designed to help you grow your sales fast. Our training library is now at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it, simply login and begin your journey today.

This online training portal is available 24/7 and contains more than 60 presentations and courses covering topics like Business Owner Success, Getting Started, Customer Acquisition, and Social Media. 

All workbooks, videos and power point slides included! 

All of the courses are industry specific and hosted by award winning industry recognized leader David Blaise. Our University is designed to help business owners succeed, increase sales, improve margins, and Grow their Promotional Product Business!

To see MY OLD Testimonial (about 1995) and see just a small sampling of the FREE Top Secrets Training offered to you when you join us, Click Here

If you're serious about becoming a true promotional products professional, selling more, to better clients at higher profit margins- this training, as well as my support is just about all you need! 

Let's connect! And here's to your Success! 


Do you know the teachings of David Blaise owner of Top Secrets of Promotional Product Sales?

If not, you should!  He's the true sales trainer for our industry. You can get around his site for more valuable ideas and training here: 

Top Secrets of Promotional Product Sales

Here's my testimonial on HIS page

Cyndi’s Sales Doubled, Turning Her "Hobby" into Real Job

"I am at the blind loyalty stage with David Blaise and all of his powerful products! My personal sales last year more than doubled! Gone are the days of lower commissions to gain a new client! I acquired two NATIONAL accounts by following his advice! Again, thanks for your help. Let David know that I am so happy that I found him and his products. So is my husband who said ‘Glad to see this has turned into a real job instead of a hobby!’ I made almost 6 figures last year! And surely will do six this year!”

                                                                                                                                     Cyndi Stout Promoz! 

 I think that was way back in 2002. I still love him, still promote him. I review his material all the time! 

What you might not know is, as a Team Promoz member, you have FREE Training from him! You can log into a secure site and take classes. If you are aiming for becoming a certified adviser, you earn credits!

If you're not getting his FREE Training now, contact me to find out more about our opportunity to help your Promo Biz Grow! 

Are your client's to the "Blind Loyalty" stage with you?

 We're pretty lucky to have this! I hope you'll take advantage of it!

Here's to your Success,