Well, today's only Tuesday and I've already had five phone calls from people who are looking for promotional items for "my client". 

What I mean by that, is that they call me after finding our website and found a product that their "client" would like to buy. They're out researching the web trying to find it at a competitive price so they can resell it. It's simply amazing to me how many phone calls I get like this a week. 

Folks, there's an easier way! 

Believe me, there is no reason for you to broker promotional products for your clients when we have the perfect solution for you to offer all the ASI & PPAI products out there. Plus, 95% of the time it doesn't cost you anything to get started!

With our program, it doesn't matter how often you run into promotional products. It could be once a week, once a day, or just once in a while. You can still do your regular business as you do now. Our program will allow you to increase your product offerings and your bottom line, by simply adding on promotional products to what you sell now.

One of the issues when you broker these items is that you lose control over your clients orders. You send the artwork to someone you don't know. You hope that they have some idea of what they're doing. You hope that they are representing a good quality product. You hope they are using a good quality supplier> You hope the supplier does exceptional imprinting on that product. What if something goes wrong? 

Another issues is that our buyers are very smart these days. They too have access to the Internet and can search out the product they're looking for. Now you've taken a price that a broker has given you, and marked it up so you can make a little profit. Obviously there's nothing wrong with making a little profit, that's how you get paid for your time. But how do you answer the question when your client asks you "I found that same item over on this website for less money, can you match that?".

Think about the time involved in searching out just the right product for your client. I've known people who have searched the web for hours! They've called several places only to find out that some will broker some will not. Other  companies are the suppliers and will not sell to them without an ASI or PPAI license. How much money are you really making if you spent hours to find the product and can only market up by a small percentage?

Would a toll-free number or simple inquiry with someone who would research that product for you help?

Then there's the financial side of it. You're putting up money up for your clients order in advance. You bill your client, but when the items show up the invoice is slightly different. Although this can be normal due to overruns and estimated shipping versus real shipping amount, you've already billed your client! So now you've lost money! Or worse, you have an angry client who doesn't want to pay you anymore because that's what you quoted.

 And quit acting like the Avon lady! There's no reason for you to hand deliver these items because you want to see what it looks like. When you're driving all over town, you're not making money. We can teach you a secret on how to get a sample of your clients order 95% of the time.

We have many people in our organization who have a primary business such as; screen printer, embroidery house, printer, office supplies, advertising agency, graphic design and have added on promotional products to keep their clients with them.

There's simply no reason to send your clients elsewhere to find promotional products!

There's simply no reason to broker these items and make a small percentage of what you could be making for all your hard work!

If this sounds like what you're doing now, we should talk! I promise you there is an easier way!