Kaeser & Blair recognizes the unique complexities and operational realities in today’s business climate. We want our independent business owners to focus on being valued resources to their customers and clients without the added responsibility or expense of maintaining accounting and back office support staff.

The Kaeser & Blair Accounting and Credit Departments are in place to support you and your business. Ensuring the smooth operation of not only Kaeser & Blair’s operations, but that of your business too. We handle everything from credit approval and credit card processing to vendor relations, invoicing your customers, paying vendors and collections. We’re even able to assume the liability on past due accounts and all collection processes are handled professionally, courteously, and ethically.

Kaeser & Blair processes in excess of 140,000+ invoices annually and is in the top 1% of the industry for timely payments. We’re proud of our sterling 5A1 Credit Rating and want to put our untarnished financial reputation to work for you.

The Accounting and Credit Department’s main purpose is to protect Kaeser & Blair’s business owners and our investments. Providing these services allows our dealers to spend more time with customers and less time worrying about the financial burdens of running a business.

Simply put, we can’t be beat when it comes to supplying our business owners with products and industry leading pricing. We’ve been a leading distributor in the industry for decades and because of our volume, we’re able to pass exclusive pricing and profit potential to our business owners. We literally represent thousands of manufacturers and brands.

Our product catalog, The Best Buys, is printed and published online annually and provides a terrific selection of products from industry leading suppliers with exclusive pricing only available to Kaeser & Blair business owners. Additionally, we distribute a monthly sales flyer, called the Windjammer.

These tools along with the hundred’s of catalogs provided by our suppliers and vendors means you’ll never run out of product options. If you can't find a product or need assistance with product recommendations, just ask our leading Support Group, they’re happy to help.

The Promotional Products business is an exciting form of advertising where a marketing message is delivered on a useful item. The advertising messages are targeted to the right audience on a useful and lasting item. Promotional Products increase branding and corporate awareness initiatives, while reducing waste and increasing ROI.

Kaeser & Blair business owners know that virtually every business uses promotional or advertising specialty products. Plus research shows that they consistently increase a company's image or brand, have a higher recall rate, increase referrals and offer greater reach.

Kaeser business owners create goodwill, motivate employees, encourage new customer accounts, stimulate sales, reinforce safety, and help to build brand awareness. Every business and organization is a potential user of promotional products and that is why this industry remains as one of the fastest growing today.

Here's an example of the 
Exclusive Promotional Product Training I offer when you sign up with Kaeser & Blair through me, to be on the Promoz Team ~ Cyndi Stout #99362

You'll get some basic information on our FABULOUS Credit Department @ Kaeser & Blair. But nothing like how to use it so you gain more business and loose less from mistakes or unknowns

If you're already in the Promotional Product Business, ask yourself if you could eliminate almost all things credit; credit cards, invoicing both- client and supplier, for free, would you? This video could make you rethink things!

If you're already with Kaeser & Blair- I hope this will make your business more successful! 

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Here's another BENEFIT of our Program- IDENTITY EDGE magazine for FREE!

Identity Edge magazine is an innovative marketing tool designed by industry professionals to inspire meaningful opportunities.  


​This is the first magazine of its kind in the promotional market that is created, published and distributed specifically for the DISTRIBUTOR'S End-User.  IDENTITY EDGE puts information where it belongs…in the buyer’s hands.  And, does so in an upscale approach using a technologically advanced medium. 

The days of old-school, multi-column, mundane product advertising are behind us…welcome to a new age of professional, promotional marketing that can be personalized with your logo on it for maximum exposure and efficiency.

Every issue will be rich in content and highly useful to your customers. Articles describing successful promotional programs, market trends, best practices and seasonal promotional opportunities. Also included will be selected ads from the top industry suppliers featuring their most popular items. All ads are blind - with no contact information or pricing. This will generate conversations with you time after time.

You'll get a six month subscription FREE for up to 100 of your best clients. If your current sales are more than 100K it's totally free! If your sales aren't to that level yet, I can help! Until then, we have this program available at a ridiculous rate- far below their published rate! 

The customers and prospects you provide email addresses for will receive monthly editions of Identity Edge for 6 months FREE. To continue past that time a paid subscription is necessary. K&B Century Club members will continue to receive FREE distribution (a $250 annual value).

Let's connect to insure your Promo Biz continues to GROW! 

We're a “rock solid” family owned and family operated business that’s been in continuous operation since 1894. We believe in people and we treat people like family. Our purpose is to help motivated and outgoing entrepreneurs establish their own independent businesses in brand awareness, promotional products and advertising specialties.

We've earned a reputation with suppliers, vendors and competitors that we're proud of. Our honest, straight-forward and proven approach has helped thousands achieve and realize the career, earnings and work/life balance they deserve.

Here’s Judi Thilges and I at the 2017 Sales Leader Summit for Kaeser and Blair dealers in Clearwater Florida. 

I love Judy! Always so happy and full of adventure. She’s been a member of Team Promoz since 2006. This is her second time to earn / win this VIP trip! 

She’s the owner of J Promotions located in McMurray Pennsylvania. Judy also has clients all over the United States, who visit her website by the same name; www.jpromotionsonline.com

You can read her wonderful testimonial about Team Promoz Here 

A three night all expenses paid vacation to sunny Florida was on tap this year. Beach, sun and sand to unwind and celebrate our achievements in sales success. How wonderful to have such a fun job, selling fun -useful promotional items! More importantly, helping our clients achieve their goals. Their success is our success, truly. 

Kaeser & Blair spared no expense starting from a fabulous hotel right on the beach. A Beach BBQ and Dinner Cruise on a yacht. More on the trip later. 

This post is to congratulate Judi on her amazing year! To earn Legend Status sales of $500,000+ is really an accomplishment for sure! I'm humbled that you believe I was in part responsible. Congratulations Judi ~ Your a true professional!

Well done Judi! 

Here's to your Success!   Cyndi

We're so lucky that we have a TRUE SPECIALS flyer that is put out for our clients to save money on our most popular Seasonal items! Not many companies have such a thing.

Our Windjammer Seasonal Sales Booklet is produced every other month. This booklet has serious deep discounted seasonal specials, sure to attract even the most  price-conscious buyers out there. 
The more Windjammer business you write, the more Windjammers you'll get in your monthly mailing.

I suggest you:

1. Add the Windjammer Link to your Signature block for every email.

2. Announce the new flyer in your newsletter.

3. Announce the new flyer on your blog.

4. Send a hard copy catalog to all your clients.

5. Add these specials to your website.

6. Add a link to all your social networking sites- Facebook Fan page, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter, and so on.

7. When your clients ask "What's new?" now you have a great publication to send ideas and offer some incredible values for your clients!

8. Highlight one item each day on Twitter. Not just the sales price, but how to use the item or a successful case history. 

The link stays the same for the current issue http://kbwindjammer.com/ 

In the upper left hand corner is the previous issue. Be aware that every item has its own expiration date.

Offer these amazing mini catalogs and You'll be the Star in their eyes! Don't kid yourself, everyone loves to save Money!!

If you don't have access to such an incredible sales flyer, reach out to me