We know that when you’re selling creative ideas, services and products, image is everything. That’s why we provide our business owners with in-house graphics support through Kaeser & Blair’s Art Department. Our skilled graphic artist are experts at everything from logo clean up to promotional product layout and design. While many competitors and factories also have art departments, Kaeser & Blair’s Art Department allows you to keep control over the quality and cost of graphic support. All graphic support services are provided at a flat competitive rate and proofs and reproductions are provided at no additional charge.

So when your client says "All I have is this JPG image", don't worry - we can make it ready for imprinting. Our flat fee schedule has tons of easy options that are done for free. Simple art that needs to be recreated is way below standard pricing you'll get from may graphic artist. Minimum is $10.00 for one color logo. Plus, once we do the initial art, any subsequent changes are done for free. 

While there's services out there that offer art services, a one time free is better than charging your client over and over again when they want to do a new product. Plus, you never know what some outside vendor might do with your clients logo. They may just pick up the phone and cut you out of the process. 

Our philosophy- Make it simple to offer promotional products and branded apparel. With our system, it's as easy as it can get! 

We believe our compensation package is the best in the industry. Our Authorized business owners have more profit potential because of Kaeser & Blair’s order volume and our exclusive vendor pricing.

Profit Based EarningsOne of the greatest benefits of the Kaeser & Blair business owner program is your ability to be in total control of your earnings. As an Authorized Kaeser & Blair business owner, you have the ability to make as little or as much as you want. It’s completely dependent upon your efforts. There are no upfront costs, no quotas and no minimums. So you are in total control.

You’ll earn a profit on each and every sale you make. Earnings are calculated on an industry standard 50/50 split of the gross profit generated on each order, plus Kaeser & Blair advances all earnings payments on factory ready orders that are prepaid or have established credit. Earnings are typically paid within 24-48 hours of an order being submitted to Kaeser & Blair.

Business owners with an annual sales volume in excess of $50,000, become eligible for Kaeser & Blair’s Accelerated Profits Program which provides them the opportunity to earn up to 65% of the gross profit generated on sales.

Earnings are paid daily via direct deposit or weekly on Wednesdays via check. No one in the industry pays faster than Kaeser & Blair.

Not to mention, bonuses, VIP Sales Summit, and our monthly contests! 
Not to mention all the special pricing we offer so you can make even more!

I've known Bob for as long as I've been in this business. A great guy who is dedicated to the dealers of Kaeser & Blair. He's had the experience to help any dealer sign up to take advantage of all we have to offer. He's seen it all! 

We were both with another company and made the change to Kaeser & Blair decades ago. 

As Kaeser & Blair’s chief operating officer, Bob is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of Kaeser & Blair’s business owner service and support functions. Overseeing 2000+ business owners and the more than 50+ support and order entry personnel that process Kaeser’s $80M+ in annual orders. He also takes charge of the VIP Sales Summit Award Trip. I look forward to talking with Bob any chance I get as his insight is always spot on. 

Bob is a field veteran with more than 30 years experience in the industry who still keeps his hands in the sales side of the business by assisting business owners with sales projects and corporate programs. He joined the Kaeser & Blair family in 1996 as Vice President of Sales after several leadership positions with industry competitors.

Bob resides in Cincinnati, with his wife of 20 years Nancy, Kaeser’s Order Services Manager. Collectively they have 5 grown children.

As Chief Financial Officer of Kaeser & Blair, Scott’s talents have been instrumental in guiding the growth of the Company and establishing it as one of the most financially sound businesses in the industry. His constant efforts towards business process management improvement and operational efficiencies are ongoing and ever present.

Scott continues to lead technology innovation and improvement initiatives and is responsible for the sophistication and accountability of Kaeser & Blair’s entire operational environment.

Joining Kaeser & Blair in 1992, he has earned a reputation as an in-touch leader who works closely with Kaeser and Blair management, business owners and employees to grow business through a deep belief in the power of collaboration and a passion for success. Scott holds degrees in Accounting and Marketing from Miami University and looks beyond numbers to recognize opportunities wherever they exist.

Scott and his wife of 25 years, Alicia, live in Fairfield, Ohio and are the proud parents of their grown twins, Ryan and Amanda, and their teenager Jenny.