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Exclusive Promotional Product Training I offer when you sign up with Kaeser & Blair through me, to be on the Promoz Team ~ Cyndi Stout #99362

You'll get some basic information on our FABULOUS Credit Department @ Kaeser & Blair. But nothing like how to use it so you gain more business and loose less from mistakes or unknowns

If you're already in the Promotional Product Business, ask yourself if you could eliminate almost all things credit; credit cards, invoicing both- client and supplier, for free, would you? This video could make you rethink things!

If you're already with Kaeser & Blair- I hope this will make your business more successful! 

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You're only as good as your leader- and we have the best! 

My first encounter with Kurt  Kaeser was the week of our Convention in Ohio. I called the main number and he answered the phone! I thought, I had dialed the wrong number, but no. He said that everyone wanted to go over to the supplier trade show so he thought "I can surely handle the phone for an hour!". 

He went on to answer my questions about placing my first order and and said "Send it in and let's see how we do". Well, 15 years later, I never looked back. 

Kurt is a down to Earth fellow with nothing but a genuine interest in making Kaeser & Blair a wonderful place to work with the dedication and support of the home office team! 

Kurt Kaeser is the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Kaeser & Blair, Inc. When Kurt become CEO and President in 1996, he reaffirmed the Company’s commitment to preserve the traditions that are responsible for the longevity and success of the Company. Integrity, responsibility and reliability.

The Company’s growth strategy is focused on his dedication, devotion and orientation to providing its business owners superior service and profits in the promotional products and advertising specialties industry.

Under Kurt’s leadership, Kaeser & Blair has helped its business owners grow sales by an average of about 15% percent per year over the last three years despite significant economic headwinds. Kurt is a champion of business owner growth and constantly strives to maximize their profits and resources.

Kurt was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He attended Wittenberg University and has worked in every function and department of Kaeser & Blair, Inc. He is the 3rd generation of his family to lead the Company.

Kurt resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, with Liz, his wife of 22 years. They are the parents of two grown children, Brad and Mitchell.