Whenever I'm in a room and Gregg Emmer is there, I try to find a way to sit next to him. He's one of the smartest people in promotional product sales I've ever met!

On our recent VIP trip, I asked him how to overcome the objection of people wanting to sell promotional items on their own, verses working with a company like us, where they split some of the commission? 

I know the obvious, no outlay of money for orders to suppliers, no monthly or yearly fees, actual support, no collections, paid daily, our extensive EQP list and so on. He comes back immediately with "People overlook two major issues; Paying and collecting taxes on customer orders and product liability insurance"

Our home office takes care of the taxes in every state. Small independent distributors have a hard time growing online clients due to the tax issue. Imagine the time it takes to collect and pay taxes every quarter. Image trying to do that with out of state clients, where the rates are different for every state, city and county!  Image a large account, like a University, handing you a purchase order and they are expecting to pay after delivery. You're either paying out of pocket until the client pays or you're not able to accept the purchase order. 

As for product liability insurance, if someone is injured by a promotional item that you sold them, you could be liable. Most distributors don't give this second thought. But do most distributors have liability insurance? How catastrophic would it be to your business if in this litigious society we live in, you we're sued for damages? Glad I don't loose any sleep over that! 

More than that, I'm glad to know that Gregg is a resource on our team that has only one goal- helping us be successful in the promotional products industry! Work at home, but never alone! Quoting Gregg "We work for you!"

Gregg oversees the publications and business owner marketing functions for Kaeser & Blair. He is responsible for product selection, supplier negotiations and production of our annual Best Buys Catalog, seasonal Windjammer catalog and all other specials and promotions.

Joining Kaeser & Blair in 1991 as National Sales Director, Gregg is credited with helping to grow our educational and sales programs. In 1994, he was instrumental in the creation of Kaeser’s Century Club for our top producers. He’s held a variety of leadership positions within the industry on both the distributor and supplier side of the business and has more than 30 years of proven leadership experience.

Gregg is originally from New Jersey, but has resided in Ohio since the early 1970's. He is a University of Cincinnati alumnus. Gregg lives in Cincinnati and is the proud father of five adult children.

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Here’s Judi Thilges and I at the 2017 Sales Leader Summit for Kaeser and Blair dealers in Clearwater Florida. 

I love Judy! Always so happy and full of adventure. She’s been a member of Team Promoz since 2006. This is her second time to earn / win this VIP trip! 

She’s the owner of J Promotions located in McMurray Pennsylvania. Judy also has clients all over the United States, who visit her website by the same name; www.jpromotionsonline.com

You can read her wonderful testimonial about Team Promoz Here 

A three night all expenses paid vacation to sunny Florida was on tap this year. Beach, sun and sand to unwind and celebrate our achievements in sales success. How wonderful to have such a fun job, selling fun -useful promotional items! More importantly, helping our clients achieve their goals. Their success is our success, truly. 

Kaeser & Blair spared no expense starting from a fabulous hotel right on the beach. A Beach BBQ and Dinner Cruise on a yacht. More on the trip later. 

This post is to congratulate Judi on her amazing year! To earn Legend Status sales of $500,000+ is really an accomplishment for sure! I'm humbled that you believe I was in part responsible. Congratulations Judi ~ Your a true professional!

Well done Judi! 

Here's to your Success!   Cyndi